Our Team
The Community Action Place, Inc.
1400 N Wood Road, Ste 7, Murphysboro, IL 62966-6290
The Community Action Place, Inc.
Scott S. Fletcher, MPH, CHES - Executive Director; Cole R Thompson - Researcher/Social Media Outreach Consultant; William Nicholson - Project Coordinator; Garret Rowden - Project Coordinator; John Phoenix - Research Assistant, University of Chicago; Nyomi Devine, MPH - Researcher/2020 Practicum Student; Kyle Miller, MSW - Researcher/2018 Practicum Student

Scott, as the leading force of our agency, has provided us with a vision for the future and a plan to attain our goals. He continues to provide direct services to clients/participants and plans for the growth of the agency with those that we serve providing input and insight into ways to best serve their needs.  We have an amazing team, that demonstrate an understanding of the communities and the populations that we serve.  We connect with our people in a much appreciated straightforward manner because we love and appreciate them.  We know the struggles of addiction through our own experiences.  We are a family. A chosen family.  We care about our people and our community.