Our Staff
  1. Halton, BS - Chairperson
  2. Fletcher, MSAcc - Treasurer
  3. Huson, MPA - At-Large Member
  4. Shulda, BSSW - At-Large Member
  5. Higdon, BSSW - At-Large Member
  6. Finlay, MSW - At-Large Member
  7. Hurt - At-Large Member
The Community Action Place, Inc.
1204 Aurelia Drive, Marion, IL 62959-5020
The Community Action Place, Inc.
Scott S. Fletcher, MPH, CHES - Executive Director
Kyle Miller, BSSW (2018) - Researcher/Practicum Student

As the leading force of our agency, Scott has provided us with a vision for the future and a plan to attain that vision. He insists on continuing to provide direct services to clients and plan for the growth of the agency on every level. He demonstrates an understanding of the communities and the populations that we serve and connects with the clients in a much appreciated straightforward manner.
Our Board